Cindy Spitzer is the New York Times bestselling co-author of the Aftershock series of books, and president of Aftershock Consultants. Since 2010, Cindy has provided in-depth macroeconomic consulting to more than 600 individuals, businesses, non-profits, and groups in 8 countries. 

Through her unique method of questioning, supportive conversations, and focused insights, Cindy Spitzer guides clients through the confidential process of developing their own macroeconomic point of view as they make their own important decisions about how to protect themselves and even prosper in the lead up to and during the potential coming Aftershock.

Not yet sure there's an Aftershock ahead?  Cindy helps all clients develop and refine their own points of view.  No one can (or should) tell you what to do. Instead, Cindy offers food for thought as you make your own important decisions in these uncertain times.

Curious? To make it easier to try, your initial consultation fee is not paid until the end of your consulting call, and only after you are fully satisfied.  (Please note that a limited number of calls are available at reduced cost, based on you particular circumstances.)
What people are saying...
Dear Cindy,
     Thank-you again for the very productive consultation call we had today. It tied together many loose ends and has cemented my strategy for the economic and financial changes ahead. What a huge relief!
     Sincerely, Pete B
Hello Cindy, It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone yesterday. I want to thank you again for all your help, compassion, and generous spirit. I was very nervous before our conversation, hoping to ask the right questions. Your unhurried nature, patience, and caring attitude was reassuring and calming, taking the pressure off and helping me to feel comfortable. Thank you for helping me to help my family. I look forward to implementing the strategies we discussed and will keep you updated going forward. Gratefully, Craig
Cindy: Thank you so much for speaking with me yesterday. As an emergency preparedness coordinator, economics are part of emergency and disaster planning for safeguarding our families and interests. Thanks to your book, guidance, and expertise, you have reinforced the importance of reinvestments and personal economic emergency preparedness. I encourage all who wish to prepare and safeguard their financial futures to read Aftershock and consult with you upon completion. Thank you for your guidance! Respectfully, David M
Cindy, It was great to talk with you the other day.  We found your discussion most helpful and, strangely, comforting.  Best regards, Robert M
Hi Cindy,
I cannot thank you enough for your insights and guidance. Once again, the Aftershock family has helped me at times when I was about to make horrible mistakes. There are no words to express my gratitude to you, Bob, and David for your work. THANK YOU CINDY!! Bob P
I very much enjoyed speaking with you today and appreciate your valuable insights on the future of the U.S. economy and future investments.
Best Regards,
Dear Aftershock Team: I learned about Aftershock just weeks before my wife & I had scheduled a trip to FL to purchase 2-3 rental properties. I began reading the book & immediately cancelled that trip once I understood the likelihood of subsequent declines in the real estate market. Without Aftershock, I am firmly convinced that my wife & I were headed towards financial ruin! But the story does not end there. I finished the 1st edition of Aftershock & elected to take the trial membership & 10 minute consultation with Cindy. Cindy did such a great job with her 10 minute consultation that I went forward & signed up for the full 1 hour consultation. Thanks to Cindy, I successfully liquidated my late father’s US gold coin collection by negotiating a trade with a dealer of my father’s gold coins in exchange for the dealer’s gold bullion. My father’s collection was worth in the low 6-figures and we are now very well positioned to have the value of this collection increase far more thru the bullion coins than if we had left my father’s collection intact and untouched. My wife & I are in our mid-50’s & honestly did not have any direction as to how to plan for retirement. We cannot thank Cindy, Bob, & David enough for their wonderful books!! We have every intention of being among those investors who thrive in the coming years by following your guidance & advice. That would not have been possible without Aftershock’s guidance & Cindy’s consultations. Verytruly yours, Bob P
Ms. Spitzer, My wife and I both wanted to thank you for the phone consultation on December 10th. It was most helpful and we greatly appreciated it. I will certainly tell others about the book! YoursTruly, Sean M
Good morning Cindy, Just wanted to thank you again for our session. Your knowledge, ability to explain complex issues in simple words, and generosity in time are very much appreciated. Best wishes, Elizabeth
Hello Cindy, It was great to talk to you last week.  I wanted to let you know that our conversation helped me get into action, which is what I needed. Thank you, James
Thank you for the very informative, helpful session we had last week. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights with me. Regards, Bill
Dearest Cindy, I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible amount of time you spent with me on the phone! I truly enjoyed conversing with you....I didn’t feel rushed or belittled; in fact, I felt privileged to glean from your wealth of knowledge. You put my fears to rest while giving me hope for my finances and situation, and for that I am most grateful.  Best regards,Sandy 
Cindy: Thanks so much for all your help, you have been wonderful. Best regards, Russell 
 Hello Cindy,  Peter and I did get our basic questions answered by you and I feel so much more clear and informed about how to move forward. Also hugely relieved.  Again, thanks for your clarity and straightforwardness today, Cindy.  My best to you, Karen 
Hello Cindy, I can't thank you enough for the help you gave me thru our telephone consultation. I really have been sleeping better.Thanks again Cindy! You Rock!
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