Aftershock Consultants - Got Macro?
New York Times best seller Aftershock (John Wiley & Sons, 2011) accurately predicted the economic mess we are in today and where we are headed next.  But what no book can tell you is how to actively apply these big-picture macroeconomic ideas to your own particular situation – what we call putting Aftershock in Action. 
In truth, no one can tell you exactly how to protect yourself, your family, or your business before and during the coming Aftershock.  What we can do is offer you confidential and highly focused Aftershock Consulting that can be your personal Macro GPS as you navigate your own best path through these difficult times.
Decision, Decisions, Decisions!
It is hard to imagine now just how dangerous the future falling economy will become for many investors, families, and businesses. The difference between tomorrow's winners and losers will come down to, not how well you are doing now, but how well you do at making your way through a series of difficult present and future decisions.  What specific and focused decisions will you make to protect yourself, your family, your business, and your assets in this dangerous and evolving economy?  What opportunities will you take advantage of that others will miss?  It all comes down to decisions, decisions, decisions.  Even doing nothing is a decision that can have serious consequences for many years to come. 

When to Act?
Passively waiting for things to “get worse” before taking action is like waiting for a storm to hit before battening down the hatches. Individuals and organizations who position themselves correctly now (due to either good macro thinking or just plain good luck) will be able to protect and even grow wealth in the coming economic crisis, while others are blindsided.  Of course, you must wait until you are reasonably convinced that a storm is actually coming, but if you wait until everyone is full convinced, you will likely miss your earlier opportunities for protection and potential profits.

What is Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting?
Based on the macroeconomic ideas in the books Aftershock and America’s Bubble Economyby David Wiedemer, Robert Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer, Macroeconomic Aftershock Consulting does not tell you what to do; it helps you think through what to do as you make your own critical decisions now and in the dangerous months and years ahead.  In short, Aftershock Consulting helps you put Aftershock in Action.
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