Cindy Spitzer is the New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Aftershock series of books, and president of Aftershock Consultants, a register investment advisor. Since 2010, Cindy has provided in-depth macroeconomic consulting to more than 600 individuals, businesses, non-profits, and groups in 8 countries.  Aftershock Consultants now also offers investment advice, financial planning, retirement review, real estate analysis, and other customized investment guidance.

How it Works
Through her unique method of questioning and focused insights, Cindy Spitzer guides clients through the confidential process of developing their own macroeconomic point of view as they make their own important decisions about how to protect themselves and even prosper in the lead up to and during the potential coming Aftershock.

Not Sure if We're Headed for an Aftershock or How to Prepare for It? 
No one can (or should) tell you what to think or what to do. Instead, Cindy offers macroeconomic food for thought as you make your own important decisions in these uncertain times.

To make it easier to try, your initial consultation fee is not paid until the end of your consulting call, and only after you are fully satisfied.  (Please note that a limited number of calls are available at reduced cost, based on you particular circumstances.)
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